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Ken Roeser

Professional Qualifications

Osteopath D.O., Physiotherapeut B.Sc.

Additional Qualification

POLESTAR Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation

Spoken Languages


Guiding principle

"I'm not teaching you anything, I just help you to explore yourself" - Bruce Lee

About me

My name is Ken Roeser, Physiotherapist & Osteopath with a passion for the human body. I struggled with physical problems myself in my youth and experienced the challenge of finding appropriate therapy. But these experiences motivated me to find my own way to fully understand the body. I am very grateful for my educational and professional development and the opportunity to learn from the best mentors.

I see myself as a "body detective" because I'm always looking for the root cause of a problem and I'm not a friend of symptomatic treatments. I work evidence-based according to the current gold standard and always stay up to date through regular training. This includes functional training such as Pilates training for rehabilitation, spiral dynamics, Schroth therapy, The Foot Collective training for healthy feet and a Natural Movements Skill Base , as well as a training as consultant for intestinal health. There are always new training courses on my wish list, so I never really stop learning.

I have experience in orthopaedics, internal medicine and gynaecology/urology and put the overlaps between these areas in context. Through my own sporting activities, such as windsurfing, volleyball (indoors and on the beach), bouldering, functional fitness and HIIT training, as well as cross fit, I have a broad approach and can also support athletes in many areas.


I completed my Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and during this time I also trained to become a POLESTAR Pilates Trainer for Rehabilitation. Since then I have also trained as a sports physiotherapist and currently coach the women's team of RSR Walferdange (National Division) in Luxembourg. I also did a D.O. (Diploma in Osteopathy) at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Germany and am currently completing my Master of Science in Osteopathy at the same school in collaboration with Buckinghamshire New University.


My guiding principle is: "I'm not teaching you anything, I just help you to explore yourself" - Bruce Lee. It is important to me that patients who come to me experience the discovery of their body as something positive and exciting and can understand and overcome their problems with my support.


As a very empathetic person, I can empathise well with my patients and develop a better understanding on a physical and psychological level. I strongly believe that psychological trauma is represented in the body in many different ways and that the treatment of a problem should always focus on resource orientation and the preservation of the person's abilities.

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